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Scenes of Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

The Lanes

Photographs taken in Rose Street South and North Lanes, Edinburgh

Empty Shop - Edinburgh

Shop properties lying vacant around Edinburgh

Dovecot Studios - Large Tree Group tapestry

The weaving and exhibition of Victoria Crowe's Large Tree Group tapestry at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh.

Street photography

Street photography shot around Edinburgh

David Cass - Hidden Door

Artist David Cass at the Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, 2014.


Lau playing at their LauLand concert, Edinburgh, 1 Jan 2014

Alasdair Thomson, sculptor

Alasdair Thomson at work in his Edinburgh sculpture studio

Lonely Bield

Lonely Bield is a document of a smallholding in the Scottish Borders.


Photographs from a trip to Thailand, October 2015

NHS Word of Mouth campaign

Street photography portraits shot in Edinburgh for the NHS 'Word of Mouth' campaign. The campaign sought to raise awareness of oral cancers.


'Southside' exhibition, Machina Espresso, Newington, Edinburgh

After the Festival

A wander around the city of Edinburgh on the day after the close of the Festival.

Venice 2017

Photographs from a trip to Venice in June 2017

Open Close

An art installation in three closes off Edinburgh's Royal Mile -


The Quartermile area of Edinburgh - a redevelopment around the old hospital on the Meadows